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This is the site where the Foster Parent can get support and understanding for the huge undertaking that is what we consider "A CALLING" to help children and families in need.  Fostering is definitely not just about the child but many times the whole family.  Quite often for a long period of time a Foster Parent is an advocate for a child, their siblings and sometimes even the parents of these children in various ways. Within this site we hope to give support to the Foster Parent and insight to those who have a desire to understand the plight the Foster Parent takes.
.This is the site where the Foster 
Parent can get support and 
information from other 
Foster Parents.   
    We here at "World of Fostering" are Fostering the idea that broken hearts can be mended.  We as caregivers man the "fromt line" in this case and should take our committment very seriously and get the training and education necessary to keep us seriously.  Continue here to  veiw local and online educational resources.
Serving children is what we do! 

 Anyone who wants to share the joy can exchange items of clothing, toys, or other usable items with freecycle in your local area.  Join or set up a local group.
It is so often said that Foster Parents take on this task in order to be paid for service, I beg to differ as most counties pay less than $ 1000.00 per month and require 24 hour supervision of a child which in a 30 day month adverages about $ 1.39 per hour.  One could work for $ 8.00 hour make more money and go home after 8 hours each day.  Click below to tell us why you became a foster parent and share with us why you took on this huge undertaking!
It is very important  as a  caretaker of children that you keep notes about their lives during their stay.  Journaling may be a bit hectic to do for every child, however, keeping a "LIFE BOOK" (a scrapebook) can be fun and the child can help.  Letting children help gives them a sense of belonging and  pride when they have helped to make a keepsake of their very own. Click below for a some creative scrapbooking idea.  Remember the key here is to make it fun and to do it together.
If you want to give your child the best in life, start with the David Dolphin Worksheets for Preschool. ​ 

Ask yourself these questions:

worksheets_for_preschool_graphic20Do you want your child to cope well at kindergarten? 

worksheets_for_preschool_graphic21Do you want them to feel confident and capable at school?

Or do you want them to be anxious, stressed out and isolated 
 because they are so far behind the other children? 

If you answered YES to the first two questions and NO to the third, then read on to learn how the David Dolphin Workbook Series will help your child. 

  Taking care  
 of yourself is  
    just as 
 than  taking  
 care of others. 
  Maybe you can with one of the links below.
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